Petrie: Ignite on `D’ and claw one back

GOLD Coast Blaze big man Anthony Petrie stared down a bird of prey yesterday.

But this is not the same bird of prey he’s preparing for with the Wollongong Hawks place to fly into town to get a confrontation.

The Blaze are still smarting following a close first-up loss to Townsville.

However they confront an equally demanding job a team that seems really strong this year.

He acknowledged Petrie’s first clash against his former club hasn’t weighed on his head although it’s going to be it.

“To be honest I haven’t thought much about it,” he said.

“Petrie happen to be thinking more about playing them as yet another team rather than as my former team.

“It was fantastic a year ago and I experienced a blast with all the lads, but I must go forward and I’m at a brand new team now.”

As great as the Blaze were night, the boys understand when they go down tonight, it’s going to count for little.

Having a tough schedule coming up, Petrie said the team can barely manage to be 0-2 (win-loss record).

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